Monday, 28 November 2011

The finished business...

You'll find no better pulp fiction than the fanzine we're planning on releasing next year, and even the cover illustration is finally finished!
To spare all you readers from scrolling way down the blog, I'll provide you with a direkt link to the excellent piece of fiction which inspired my to this illustration.


  1. Quite a beauty.
    The entire picture that is. I can almost hear the wah-wah guitars.


  2. What a beautiful thing to say! I was just pondering how to talk the Dark Queen into designing us a cover and a simple layout...

  3. Lovely, simply lovely.

    Have you thought of adding purplish (my new favorite word) blue tint in the shades under the car a bit? It might make all the red pop even better.

    And I so want those shoes now :D

  4. Thanks!

    Purplish (is that even a word?) in shadows sounds like worth a try, when I get better and return to work (maximized self-pity, as I'm sick).

    Hey, a working girl ALWAYS brings sensible shoes, hence the trainers she's wearing ;D

  5. Purplish is totally a word. Granted that I might be the first person to use it but it doesn't make it any less useful ;D

    I hope your sickness is filled with warm drinks, blankets, great audio books and doggy love.

    I know! I mean I wear my army boots to office every day. For some reason the other workers look at me funny, but I don't mind, steel tips just rule.