Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Alice in... Steampunkland?

No, I'm still not finished with Batman. Partly because I kinda, sorta started re-working Alice... I'm hopeless, I know. Here's a little sneak peak of the direction I'm taking it (this time)

If you want to know more of the development of this piece, check out my blog


  1. The Rabbit looks kind of worried. Must be Alice smoking... ;D
    Can't wait to see this in colour!

  2. ... and I too, feel that the only way to catch up with all the missions is to is to start combining things ;D

  3. So maybe the skeleton army should be behind these two then? ;D

    I was trying to make the rabbit look slightly worried and Alice basically strung out :D This kinda "look how far I've fallen"-look. I mean spending your childhood among talking rabbits and cerazy queens is bound to do a number on you, right? ;D