Thursday, 24 November 2011

Something new!

Further fixed lines

 When I last wrote that I'll post something new, I didn't plan for it to be quite this fast. But here we are. This started from a quick sketch I made at an office meeting. I have always loved firestarters like Liz Sherman out of Hellboy and BPRD. Now, I have no idea who this character is yet(might even end up being Liz), but am looking forward to finding out :D As you can see it is still very unfinished(and the arms are hidious...) but it'll get there.

I added the fixed lines after realizing there's quite a few problems with her proportions.
And after that the fixed hair.

Fixed lines
Original sketch
Cleaned lines


  1. You've really picked up the pace now ;D

  2. I like her. Had almost forgot your sketch, glad to see you work on it.
    I sort of hope it's not Liz Sherman. She is as great as all of BPRD but I would prefer to see

    Damn I could whip up stories off her(and then argue with you on how we view her)

  3. One tries :D
    I'm starting to finally get rid of my Captain Trips/Sinus infection so I almost enjoyed my last day of sick leave and even got things done. The bad part of sick leave is that when you'd be healthy enough to enjoy it, you have to go back to work. Cruel, cruel world ;)

    Curt, dear, feel free to write her. I can then tell you in a lengthy manner what you got wrong and how she is totally not like that. Mind you, I have no idea what she is like but I'm sure I can come up with some convincing arguments never the less ;D

  4. oh yes. I can write about her....