Friday, 25 November 2011

While waiting for Godot and us to finish the unfinished business(es)...

... I came up with an excellent idea for a new mission! I KNOW now is not the time, but I'll forget about it if I don't post it right now.
Ever wondered about the casting on a favourite film or tv-series? Well I certainly have, many times...
Was listening to Kate Bush 'Wuthering Heights' when I suddenly remembered how much wished they had cast Kate in the role of Cathy instead of Anna Calder-Marshall in the Timothy Dalton -version of Wuthering Heights from 1970.

So, we should right the wrongs and deal with these burried traumas once and for all. When we have the time.

Over and out.

Hang in there, Heathcliff!


  1. Oooh, I like it!
    So redo a scene of a movie with the right cast, or perhaps a poster? Or concepts? Or? All excited and aboard here and totally willing to have this as the next challenge. I actually have no idea who's turn it even is now? Curt?

  2. Sounds good or even bueno excellente.
    If I understood it right we get to right wrongs and recast.

  3. Exactly! Like having a Star Wars-universe without Jj Binks or eating candy before meal!