Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Brave New (Pulp) World...

Finally got some time to finish the inking, while waiting for a client to call back. What took most of the time was the tiresome cutting and pasting when scanning an A3 illustration with a A4 scanner. Also, some Photoshop-editing was needed since I managed to smear some still wet ink over the picture...


And here with flats. These aren't the actual colours, but they give a hint where we're going:

ANOTHER EDIT: The car starts to take form, bu Neda needs a lot more work...


  1. Jaysys ***king Christ! Looking good Gurrrl! Yea both of you.

  2. Unohdin mainita, että päivän paras juttu oli kun Anssi (Rauhala) tunnisti auton Pontiaciksi <3

  3. An update; the car beginning to take form.