Sunday, 11 August 2013

Not Quite Dead... Yet!

A less sophisticated viewer would call our (Sari and rama) latest summer vacation -project for an excuse to draw naked men. Of course you, dearest follower, know better and understand immediately that it is a question of bringing our cultural heritage, the Nordic mythology, back to life and to readers.
Here's a little teaser. With a little bit of luck (and lots of free time in Sari's case) you might see something more substantial in a near future <3


  1. One might but thankfully we are nothing but sophisticated. Also <3

    1. I have rarely seen such sophisticated form of Nordic mythology in illustrative arts.
      And as I know the two of you, I know that for you there is solely the attention to historical accuracy and detail.

    2. I am touched; rarely has anyone spoken with same eloquency about an armpit. We clearly need more readers like you!