Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sansa Stark aka. Mission, what mission?

Update: Changed the color scheme a bit and realized that I really hate painting crowns.

Guess I should post something here too, even though this has NOTHING to do with any mission. We need to come up with a "Fangirling the day away-paint your fave characters/singers/actors in however you feel like"-mission ;D

This is still a work in progress but it's supposed to be Miss Sansa Stark from the Game of Thrones. Started out as a simple grayscale study and ended somewhere else entirely.

There are steps to this in my blog and I'll post some more stuff here too when it's finished.

Finished piece HERE


  1. Wow! You are madly skilled at digipainting nowadays! Like the contrast between the super finish on her face and the ruff outlining of her crown.

  2. Thank you <3 I've always wanted to learn to digipaint realisticly and decided I can just as well start learning now :)
    I think that this is the first time I am actually tryign to convey the character in these more realistic ones instead of just painting a pretty picture.
    And I so wish I had it in me to just leave the crown really rough and unpolished but being who I am I'll so have to finish that too :D

  3. ... and BTW it's a mission for one's SANITY! All work and no fun makes one [...], as they say ;D