Saturday, 1 June 2013

Not dead yet or blossoming blaxploitations of Dandire summer to come

I had no idea it is possible to get hand stuck on automated plasma cutter.
But as my career in metalworking is destined to cripple me even more it is a time to try to whip myself in some shape writing-wise while I have any appendages.

I tried drawing after a looooooooong while.

I can draw skeletons and zombies and most animals and that's about it.
Sadly especially females I draw look like either a)skeletons b)zombies or c)most animals.

Alas, there is a reason I write.

Anyhow, I plan, note plan, to return on both tales I've started. The hardboiled streets of Neda Ebony's Chicago call out to me and for some reason so does regency era bloodsucker without a cause (or clue, your pick).

And being lazy dork as I am I toss the choice on those talented ladies here.

The options I offer for illustration are:
 Butcher of Black city
basicly Neda vs serial killer of a different sort.
My sad attempt to cross H.H.Holmes and mob.

Fist of Chi-Town
ok, I love blaxploitation and wushu/kung fu-movies. Having seen documentary I am Bruce Lee did not help this at all.
We have all seen some of those classic grindhouse 70's movie posters. Art deco meets Peckinpah.
And I like the idea of lone fighter, Neda and the triads colliding.

There is more ideas on Neda but on to Dandire:
Enter: Imperial John
ok...I saw I am Bruce Lee... so sue me, but basicly this is Dandire's adversary. Think Manly man Mike Conley by Tom of Finland. With libido of John Barrowman, imperial values of 1800's and sarcasm of Stephen Fry(subtracting of course the warm humanism shown by messr Fry)

while the guidelines are a bit so and so they would help to get the engine running.

Yours, Curt


  1. Neda. Neeeda. NEDA! NEEEDAA!!!!!
    Also, a futile attempt to bribery; if you'll write another short story/stories about Neda, I'll do an illustration of her weaponry. That's a promise. And an illustration for every story (even the one that's finished.

    1. Promise to add blood to the weapons and some of Neda's curves and he will so be yours :D

    2. Lots of bloodstains! Anything you want!
      And why doesn't Blogspot let me know when there is action on this site, although I subscribe to that?!

  2. Dear Sari you know me far too well....
    I will write Neda anyways at some point.
    And Dandire.

    And some horror. (I know, I know vampires are basicly horror, but...meh.)