Monday, 22 April 2013

Dandires and regency askew pt 1

My far superior half told me about this idea prior to the challenge and I am most definately the uttermost wrong person to do anything with this as
a) vampires are fairly boring IMO and
b) as most who know me or even know me at some level realize I am de facto opposite of a dandy.
I am the guy who when (first in the 80's) he  heard that goths are "in "was overjoyed that finally being shirtless, bloody, hairy and carrying an axe with them to anywhere was fashionable.
Well... yeah.

Anyways, sorry to maim your baby Ruska.
Here goes:

Page 1

panel 1: Exterior, night-time. Hawksmoorian mansion basking in thunderous rain. Full moon shines(well one requires cliches, right?)
Teo(offcamera): "CRY! Oh let the heavens cry with me!"
panel 2: Closeup, Teo the dandire, at the window of aforementioned mansion, somewhere between distraught and bombastic in the emotional range.
Teo "That foul scoundrel has no honor...How could I ever trust the lies of his slithery tongue?"
panel 3: pair of floating gloves of ghostbutler GLOVES behind Teo
Gloves " May I assume that your noble teethness refers to mr Edgar Blaidd Blythe?"
Teo "Silence Gloves. Say that dastardly name no more under this roof."
Panel 4: Trying to look stern Teo stares at where Gloves would have a face were he not pair of white gloves.
panel 5: exactly same pose
panel 6:as previous
Gloves" oh, very well then sir."
panel 7: as before
Gloves" So henceforth we only discuss him whilst on roof or while at the balcony, sir?"
Teo: "No!"

page 2
panel 1: Teo is furious (or thereabouts)
Teo "That crooked vulture stole my mine. He stole it. And with my money!"
Gloves "Most heinous sir. Harsh even"
panel 2:Teo overtly melodramaticly grasps above
Teo " The Vrillium mines of Timbuktu are now gone...Gone. Lost for ever."
panel 3: Rambles on at the moon
Teo " That magical metal out of my grasp for all eternity. Damn him! Damn fate! The Agony!"
panel 4: dandire shakes his gangly puny fists at the heavens
Teo " Damn you all! Why dont you just smite me dead!?!!"

page 3
panel 1: Teo gets shot to the back, bullet exits throught his white shirt approximately where his heart is.
panel 2: Teo falls to floor.
panel 3: Teo lays at the floor on his back.
panel 4: While Teo still lays there gloves of Gloves holding flintlock pistols, one is smoking, hover over him
Gloves " Will this suffice sir? Or should I fetch the mallets?"

page 4
panel 1: Teo gets up holding his shirt.
Teo "Bah. Gloves you ruined this shirt. This is finest italian silk. Ruined like those mines."
Gloves " I shall fetch another for you sir"
panel 2: Teo strips (or rips) his shirt
Teo "Without vrillium I cant commission an airhulk. No other iron can break the shackles of cruel gravity and make ships fly."
panel 3: shirtless prettyboy vampire caresses the window, raindrops tilting the moon in view.
Teo "Even as we live in age of technological marvels and yet that snake at my bosom stole you from me."
Panel 4: (longingly) Teo" My lunar mistress...."
panel 5: hangs head, gloomily.

page 5
panel 1: Gloves floats a new white silk shirt for Teo
Gloves " Now there there, dear master. Hide thine sanguine form and think happy thoughts, the game is not lost"
panel 2: Teo clothes himself with some ghostly help
Teo "Don't be a damned fool. All is lost. I am eternally imprisoned within these cold stonewalls."
Gloves " No one could've foreseen it sire.To think; Indoor plumbing and sewers to be such  a sudden hit"
panel 3: Buttoning, slowly
Teo "And as no vampire can cross running water I am doomed to live like hermit. And far too handsome."
panel 4:Gloves "Would you like me to acquire a lady of the night for you sire?  Like I used to say still alive: with a full stomach one thinks better than with hunger gnawing your innards like old Peckerton"
panel 5: Teo stares at Gloves
panel 6: Gloves " Peckerton was always peculiar man, but still finding him with those goats.."
Teo " Gloves just go get me some harlot"
Gloves "very well sir"

page 6
panel 1: later. Teo splattered  by blood with embroided white napkin folded under his collar  savoring neck of recently deceased prostitute. White gloves  hover, waiting.
Gloves " Are we feeling better sire?"
panel 2. Teo sweeps with another napkin his bloodied lips.
Teo "  Marginally. She had thick and greasy taste and something... peculiar"
panel 3: gloves picks the carcass off table
Gloves " It's imported sir. From the docks straight I am afraid. High class madames of pleasure industry are so hard to come by these days"
panel 4: Teo bangs his fist furiously to the table
Teo "This is beneath me. I shant steep any lower. Gloves!"
Gloves "Yes my master?"
Panel 5: Teo " I shall take fate in my cold dead hands. We must breach the roof of Hell. Yes."

page 7
big panel : Teo points dramatically to heavenward.
Teo " We shall break it to fuel our steampowered elevator to Moon and have our vengeance to that heinous Blythe."
panel 2: Teo bursts out of dining hall with envigorated step.
Teo "And then I shall claim my duchy of the night!"
panel 3: Gloves holding the corpse.
Gloves "....Again?"

right. so. I have far too many ideas where to go from here.
But maybe it's better to save the Clerical Order of Friends of Abstinence and Carpathia (they never, ever, and dashing but far more Tom of Finland-influenced adversary, Imperial John (manly muscles, walrusian moustache) to next time(in case there ever is one)



  1. I very much approve of the amount of shirtlessness wondering around in this and caressing of windowsills :D

  2. Awwwws! I can't even XD i already love imperial john.

  3. GOD LORD, THIS IS DYNAMITE! I'd just love to doodle on this <3

  4. ... also, had totally forgotten how HOT the recency period can be (Tale of the Two Cities and such) <3

  5. Ruska, is it ok to do some fan art doodling with for fantastic character?

    1. I think the idea was that we all do. I just at least haven't found the time yet :)

    2. That would be great <3
      Same problem here; I have to get a grip of OH first, or my editor will bare down upon me like a hord of thousand hungry Thors...