Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Dandire Challenge!

Okay okay, let's face it, we're never going to finish the kalevala super glam digipaint wonder challenge.  My computer can't even take that file anymore, no matter how much lube. Anyway, yesterday we came up with another challenge, because of an old brain fart of mine, namely the Dandire.
A Dandire is of course a Vampire in the time of Regency, more specifically one dressed as a Dandy - which means a lot of important things, for example, the ability to bathe, wear long trousers, and not be covered in makeup like that damn fop Lestat and his angsty menagerie.

Now I know it's not fair to already post shit immediately after setting up a challenge, but I just had these lying around. They are not my entry, I promise.

I regurgitated Teo Dormo Malvarmo a few years ago, a comic project that never went anywhere and that I'd love to see return to life and transform and fly away as a beautiful dusky moth of weird gay erotica full of shitty puns and kid gloves. I only need somebody to script, edit, draw, ink, color, publish, feed me, juggle and love.
P.S. Gloves is a butler ghost. Handy for a dandy. All hands though.


  1. So I meant to make a proper comment to this all weekend but ended up too damn busy (for pretty vampires, le gasp! The horror!). But as I said before I love this idea. I have a very clear image in my head already of what I want to do for this. Just as soon as I find the time. Sadly it will not be the ever so awesome pneumatic elevator as that would just kill me :D

  2. Hey, here's some excellent stuff going on! How could I miss this?!
    Sorry for being too busy to participate.

    <3 <3 <3