Sunday, 6 November 2011

”There is one thing you have to understand in order to stay alive...”

A rough sketch on Neda with her beloved GTO.
A fabulous girl always matches her accessories (cars, weaponry etc). A sensible girl chooses her footwear wisely, thus the trainers she's wearing (^_^)
And yes, she shoots as accurately with her left hand as with the right one.

Please remind me NEVER, EVER to do cars again. At least without a model...


  1. Wait , you drew that car without reference?
    I so hate you right now :'D

    It looks like a perfectly working muscle car to me :)And I must say that I love her legs. The shape is to die for.

    And the tiiiny gun :DD

  2. Well, I had a pic of a Pontiac GTO, but unfortunately from a TOTALLY different angle. Finally got the car so-and-so right, after 10 rounds or so, each with LOTS of chriticism from Jonas ;D

    Thanks, the legs are quite nice and muscled. No place for a supermodel-skeleton-look here ;D

  3. Hah, men are normally very useful in those things. You can imagine the criticism I tend to get from Sippo when drawing guns ;D

    Muscle cars and muscular legs <3

  4. Haha, I can well do that! It's exactly the same here. Still, good that they come useful in more than one way ;D

  5. Damnation. You have the groovy curvature that makes the classic musclecar look.

    The derringer is groovy and Neda herself looks mesmerizing.
    Strong, determined and independent.
    And a huge thank you that she looks like a real woman.

  6. I am overwhelmed. Still, I hope you'll me one or two occasional folly when I'm in my manga mode... (^_^)
    Now inking. God knows how to find time for colouring.
    Why are these missions so much more fun than ”real” work??