Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mission: Impossible?

Hello dears!

It has been a long winter and as we have a ll been very preoccupied with other things it was best to let the Punks lie for a bit. But now, finally, it is high time to kick 2012 in gear, ComicPunk style.

The winter has come and I for one have been freezing. Living in an old house with bad windows means drawing with gloves on and having a sea of candles burning at all times and not for the romantic purposes. So I have spent all my free time under a blanket freezing and watching all the tv I haven't had time for before. That reminded me of what Nina posted before. Meaning this:

"Ever wondered about the casting on a favourite film or tv-series? Well I certainly have, many times...
Was listening to Kate Bush 'Wuthering Heights' when I suddenly remembered how much wished they had cast Kate in the role of Cathy instead of Anna Calder-Marshall in the Timothy Dalton -version of Wuthering Heights from 1970."

Wouldn't now be the perfect timing for a tv/film challenge? Either renew your favorite character or then just use that character in a new way in a story or image?

And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm obsessed with the new Sherlock and need a reason to draw many Benedict Cumberbatches... Nothing at all.
But also, that series works as a perfect example of re-imagining a classic character and making him something similar but very different. And gave me an excuse to post that pic with the fantastic blue hues. *Cough*

So say we all!


  1. Saw your sketch on Mr Holmes on FB, it looks very promising!

    1. it is very promising in real life too.
      Seen here too, the many facets of Mr Sherlock Holmes.