Monday, 17 October 2011

Week 5

25 minutes after midnight is still counted as Sunday, right?

This is nowhere close to what I wanted to do but as I had decided to return this one in time, whatever happens, I had to settle with something small. I have to draw the huge steam-/cyberpunk worlds that I had envisioned some other time. *Le Sigh*

This started as a digital version of the doodle I posted before but ended up somewhere else entirely. As it is I kinda like it and it was a nice and relaxing little piece to do. I had planned to color it but in the end decided that it wouldn't have given any added value to it, on the contrary it might have lessened the high contrasts.

Oh and I have no idea what her name is. Sorry. So it's fanart of... Hot chicks? Krhm, yes grasping a bit here.
And yes, I'm completely aware I ventured over to Steampunk with this one. Apparently both me and Rama have an acute case of Steampunkiatus ;D


  1. Lovely! Yes, we both seem to have quite a case of Steampunkatus, but we'll pretend as if it's cyberpunk, right?

    The hair looks great, should try out using negative colours myself. If one is allowed to critizise, there is a slight perspective error on the left goggle, but it's something you notice only if you stare long and hard just to find something to critizise...

    I haven't posted mine yet, as you probably noticed. The dog is having his anthibiotics-related stomach sickness, again, so it's late nights, early mornings and all that. Feel I could sleep around the clock by now...
    But I promise to post later this week.
    BTW, is it you or the Wolf who gets to decide the next mission?

  2. Did I mention that your eyes (speaking of the illustration, of course) look very realistic. <3

  3. Thanks! It is completely cyberpunk. I mean our cyberpunk is the cyberest punk there has ever been!

    And of course criticizing is allowed! That helps more then anything else, it's the best way to learn :)

    I actually first made the glasses way too small and only realized it stepping back from the comp. But as it was really late already I yanked them bigger, instead of re-drawing them. The perspective went quite wonky as I did it. Need to fix it when I get home from work. Also have some steps again that I'll post.

    The antibiotics diarrea is something evil. The cats always get it too and it isn't so long ago that I still have dogs that I wouldn't remember the whole "wake up at 5 as someone is crying next to your bed"-routine. Sleep, and post as you find time!

    It is my turn to post this week. I'll do it during lunch or the evening :) I btw loved your idea of having a week for the sketch and another one for the finished piece. I think we should just do that every mission from now on? Maybe later go back to one week but right now I think all of us have trouble to find the time even for one in two weeks, right?

  4. Amen to everything you said!