Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mission 6: Gotham City

Well, this is a first! I actually have a sketch for the newest mission and I'm posting it one day EARLY ;)

I blame the fact that our X-Box broke on the exact same day as Batman Arkham City came out. As I had pre-ordered it I now have to just sit and stare at the beautiful statue, book and all the great stuff that came with the collector's edition of the game. But I am not able to actually play it. Talk about suffering.

On top of that we just show'd my boyfriends 10 yr old son Batman Begins for the first time tonight. I somehow ended up doodling, without even attempting or planning to do something finished. I had an image of a very classic Scarlett and Rhett pose in my mind and somehow I just ended up drawing Batman and Catwoman in the same one.

This might turn into something cool so I think I'll just finish this one and keep the original idea I had for this week for some other time :)


Ended up starting to ink this one already.
Thought I'd post the steps as I make them. So here's how it's shaping up.

Aaaaand then changed the pose complitely. These things happen. At least to me. Sigh.


  1. You're such a romantic!! The Bat's jawline/mouth very nice, indeed. The line you added in the inked version really does the trick. Can't wait to see the steps!

    Now a long walk with the birthday boy <3

  2. Hey, the idea of taking inspiration from a movie poster in a totally different kind of genre is brilliant. Maybe I should do that, too...

  3. A huge hug to the birtday boy! May there still be years of long walks and stick carrying in your future :D

    I must admit that Gone With Wind is still one of my favorite movies. Alongside almost any Bogie one. Especially if you throw Bacall in the mix. I'm an old softie :)

    I love taking ideas from the weirdest of places. I often feel that a lot of the (especially comic book)poses are so used anyways that whatever you do, someone is bound to go "that's straight from **". So why not take poses straight from somewhere and make them your own. But I'd never do that from comic to comic or a poster to poster. But a romantic movie poster to comic characters? That is an entirely different thing. I think most would have realised at some point that this looks familiar, but not connected it to Gone With the Wind because of the genre difference.

    And I think the way Catwoman is always showed as this sex kitten and Batman the epitome of strong and silent is just boring. They are bound to have softer moments too. Why I liked this pose is that you can't really tell if he is leaning over for a kiss or has she been hurt and he's tryng to make sure that she's ok. Both are possible with the tilt of her head. I'm planning to have Batman be gloveless, which he basically never is, just to add an extra bit of tenderness to it.

  4. Actually, I really think you should change back, the original composition was very pleasing for the eye!
    In the latest one the figurs become too flat.
    I love the way Old Battie embrases her, and if I were you I would use the cape to create a feeling of intimasy. If you switch the colours so that the background is coloured (in some dark hues) and the forground is black, with some highlights to give their clothing some structure, you'll also get off easy on the details ;D
    Maybe the outline of the cape (above Cat Woman's head) can have a hint of a wing curves?

    In short; I would use the middle one, it's already looking great and very well balanced! <3

  5. I realized that i can just add my Google+ answer to you here too. Yes, I am that lazy ;D Or busy? Oh well...

    "Might take me a minute to answer properly but in a nutshell, I agree. I just couldn't get Bats's chest to work in that pose and gave up... The damn thing looked either like it was about to eat poor Catwoman or like he had turned into Captain America, before the super soldier serum :D

    How difficult can one body part be?!?!"

    Also I got an idea of making a similar "private moment" between Joker and Harley and now just really want to get this done and start doing that as Bats's chest totally pisses me off. Yes, very, very professional thinking :DD

  6. I remain my opinion, it's still good. Very good.
    Very tender. Even with gloves on.