Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hello sweets!

So any ideas what we'll do with the sceletons? I for one have still not found the time to even start with that one. As the "deadline" is already long over due and there's nothing posted for it I suggest that we either make a new final deadline and then post a new mission, or just post a new one right away. What do you guys think?



  1. deadline has gone by the way of zombieline. I am fine if someone posts another subject.
    As long as we keep it moving and fun.
    Once I have some time on my hands I'll post one about skeletons.

  2. I plan to post about skeletons too but am right now drawing a blank and am one of those annoying people who'll never get anything done without some sort of deadline.

    So, do our sleepers Saara and Lasse have any ideas or do we just post something? Anyone aliiiive out there?

  3. I, too, want to challange myself with the skeleton thing! Mainly because it's something totally different from my usual stuff, and thus forces me to think in new ways <3

    Almost there with Alice, though ;D

  4. Hopefully I'll more spare time at the end of the month, because I'm still working on the Nela cover for WW's blaxploitation story.

    When is Necro? If you want to do a little fanzine with your excellent story to sell on the con, I'll promise to have the cover art ready!

  5. The same with me, I really want to do it as it's so very different from what I normally do. But it's also taken me forever to come up with a good idea for that. Also plan to finish Alice as soon as possible. Have just lacked the time to draw/paint anything lately, which is killing me.

    If our sleepers won't answer by tomorrow I'd say we can just pick a subject. It would be your turn then Nina, if you want to do the honors? Also, if we again hear nothing of our sleepy friends I vote that we say b' bye and cut them loose. In a kind manner though Curtvile, I like these people so no Trolls. OK?

  6. Ok by me, and ok to cut the sleepers tomorrow.

  7. Sleepers were just cut off and kindly laid to rest with the fishes. Sleep tight sweet friends and let us know if you ever do have the time and energy to join our group of maniacs and mayhemists.