Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mission 5... goes boink!

I was so excited just tasting the word. Cyberpunk. Brave new mutated worlds, here I come. I knew at once I wanted to do chaos and Jin Uzuki from Xenosaga, and started happily sketching away.
Then, after a couple of hours, I noticed something: it wasn't cyberpunk anymore, I had lept to the uncharted territories of... STEAMPUNK! OMG, what should I do?! I really liked the way picture was building up. Hey, I told myself, steamPUNK is almost like cyberPUNK, right? People might not even notice...
So, I happily sketched away one more hour, then pushed my chair back and took a good look at the picture...
... AND MAD HATTER WAS STARING AT ME! Why was Jin the Mad Hatter??! Was this some kind of cosmic kamma, a punishment for not having finished Mission 3?

The background obviously need a lot more work (the big gear has to be moved etc), as the clothing, but basicly, the stage is set!

P.S. BTW; the nightsky is showing some spectacular meteor showers tonight in the Orionids constallation!

EDIT 120403
Finally on the steampunk fanart again. Inking in Photoshop. Boy would I kill for a Cintiq21!

EDIT 120408 Some progress:

EDIT 20120415: Hm, Jin is progressing fairly as is the background, but chaos doesn't look quite right yet...


  1. cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, biopunk, trollpunk, punk....I like 'em all so no sweat.

    I like the dandy as he has a certain flair of danger in him.
    It takes a special kind of character to keep any edge while wearing a top hat.
    If I were more of an artist I'd add some gears more.
    Anxiously awaiting the finished piece

  2. Thank you, good Sir, for your kind words. And yes, you are quite right; there shall be a lot more gears, and I will probably tweak them to strenghten the perspective. Also, the person crouching on the floor is writing some math equations. Any idea what one should google after? Something with particles, since we're breaking space and time here?

  3. Good Sir? Umm sorry to butt in but as I see no Sirs around my take would be in cyberpunk to look for schematics of a Dyson sphere suited for space habitation and in case of steampunk I would grace with Tesla death ray weapon that works with aether fields...

    but that's just me

  4. Lovely! I bumped into something earlier today that seems to be from the exact same PUNK wiorld :) Some of her designs just remind me much of the ones he's got.

    This also makes me think that perhaps I really should just give in and make a steampunk Sephiroth this week :D

  5. Beautiful stuff!!!

    ... and a steampunk Sephiroth would be <3

  6. Thankfully I have a couple of vacation days over easter so maybe I can visit the oldies too :) Looking really good!

    1. That's excellent, looking forward to see some oldies from you as well <3

  7. I love seeing how this progresses! the shades in the last one are AWESOME.

    I spent my easter full of snot and moving bookshelves around. However gratifying that was (see the sarcasm here)I would have loved to find some sketching time too. Sigh.

    1. Kiitos <3
      Ruoho on aina vihreämpää aidan toisella puolen; itse toivoisin saavani kirjanhyllyt järjestykseen mutta aina tämä task tippuu pari pinnaa alemmas to do-listallani...