Monday, 3 October 2011

The next mission...

This is very selfish of me, but I've being DYING to do something cyberpunkish for a long time. AND, since both fanart and cyberpunk are close to my heart, we're combining the two.
Thus, the mission of the week is: take a favourite character, one of your own or someone else's, and draw it/him/her in full cyber punk -gear. OR: write something punkish with a fav character of yours.

Part 1, this Sunday: sketch or some kind of synopsis for a story
Part 2, next Sunday: complete art/story

What say you?



  1. Nina, you rule <3

    You just made me a VERY happy geek :D

  2. Anything for you, darling <3

  3. mission received and confirmed. Ops set motion.

  4. I see that Curtvile is impressed too :D

    But seriously, brilliant subject. have been meaning to do cyberpunk forever but never got around to it. and actually finally got started with my skeleton piece last night too. Sort of... :D

  5. RIP.

    I don't even have a decent idea yet for the skeleton army. But I trust get a vision by the time Alice is completed ;D

  6. Well, I started drawing a pissed off looking bear. i think I can somehow make it so that he's battling the skeleton army. Maybe... :D

  7. Hey, that's a great idea! One giant bear against all the devil of the world.

  8. Exactly :D I've wanted to paint an old and worn soldier bear looking over the battlefield for ages. Now I'm thinking about combining these two. The sad part is that I've never painted a bear before and have no idea how to do it. My bear just looks odd :D