Thursday, 15 September 2011

Alice in Updateland

Just a tiny update on Alice. And yes, I know, I'm totally blocking the feed with these :D

Think I'll just go with painting instead of vectors. Made a quick color test last night and kind of like it.


As I don'twant to block the whole blog with these I'll just post some updates on Alice here. Sadly I still haven't had the time to finish the pic, not to mention starting the sceleton armies... But I'll get there. Some day, LeSigh.

This is my first attempt at Alice. I'm pretty happy with the muscle tone on the arm but everything else is just somehow... off.

So I did another try with a complitely different palette. I like the cool almost dead pallor of her but it doesn't fit the mood of the pic.

So then I decided there's a problem with the whole composition and kinda re-did it... I got this idea from the dead colors in the last try. Nothing makes you look as strung out and gray as the subway lights.
I love the composition and the "story" in the image now but am so fed up with painting her face at this point that have no idea if I'll actually finish this or not :D

And yes, the White Rabbit does have a Cheshire Cat button in his jacket. As one does.

More steps here


  1. do finish the subwaypiece, love the detail and composition

  2. Also, the subway version gives excellent chance to test more unsual and dramatic colouring (the gamut tool!).