Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bring Your Own Virgin or rules to comicpunkery

The point of the exercise here in Comicpunks is to have fun and create stuff we love, to improve our craftmanship whatever it may be.
But like all good anarchists we need guidelines.
One has to have rules to break them, right?

So here goes: every one should do at least one post in a month to avoid treading water. And commenting the work of others is highly recommended.

Anyone can (and should)comment stuff but submitting stuff once a month is by no means asking too much, ok?

If you don't have time for that do remember we do enforce these rules with Trolls.
No, not the internet-user kind but actual god-damned Trolls.
We clear?


  1. Bring your own virgin? :DD

    I agree with this fully. The idea is to have fun and draw together, wiithout actually drawing together. A big part of it is commenting and helping eachother. Sadly a lot of the commenting is going on at Facebook right now (do not ask me why...) but any commenting is good commenting, where ever it happens.

    Hmm... Started thinking about that and as I am the impulsive creature as I am I decided to do something about it right away and create a facebook group for us. If we can figure out to get people to comment there it might at least keep the comments in one place there too and not in everyones own profile? If that makes any sence? Here's the addy:

    And yeah, back to business. Really I think we should comment even more at each others stuff. We could all learn a lot from eachother through it.

    That being said, I really hope our sleeper members would wake up too or I might be tempted to make them sleep with the fishes, outside this blog. Or feed them to the trolls :D

  2. I totally agree to this. Sleeper members are no fun, and the required post once in a month is resonable to me.
    So, to save my own ass I'll post an update on Alice ;D

  3. And really, I hope that you guys don't hate the Fb group? Comments? Hate? Love? Can I post the pics already posted here there too?

  4. I don't know, got mixed feelings about FB. And if the're gonna fix to that stupid timeline-layout I'm not too sure if I want to continue using it...

  5. Well, let's see, ok? I just thought it might be a good way to get all the Fb action under one page. But I'm not sure if the Group is a right way of doing that either.

  6. The biggest problem w a FB group, as I see it, is that now we have comments on several places (the blog, G+, FB) and it becomes very time consuming to keep up with these.
    I'd propably skip the FB, but I'm happy to continue w it, if you guys like it.

  7. Got totally pissed off with Facebook last night and removed the group while I was at it. You're right, Noi use for it. Aaah, grouplesnessity is a good feeling :D