Saturday, 10 September 2011

What's in your heaaad, in your heee-e-eeeaaad

I'm posting this as a sort of a proof of life. Remember the zombie I was making for week two? The ”Something old, something new, something borrowed” mission? The one that was supposed to be a tattoo? Yes, that's it.
Well, in the end it didn't become a tattoo after all and I got this genius idea to make a vector out of the pic. Mainly because I almost never make vector pics and wanted to try it after a long break. That should have also told me that I'd be bloody slow with it, but nooo, I happily started vectoring away. I might finish this some day in the near future. Or not. So just in case it's the latter (and to keep this thing going)I'll post it the way it is now.

Mmm, yeah, this is really not finished so plese don't mind the "blood", I know it looks ridiculous :D
And a close up.
Steps to the pic can be found in my blog


  1. I heartily approve the proof of life. The bleeding tears are a sweet touch.

  2. Thank you luv. I'm itching to finish this but I also want to get to the Alice piece.. Choises, choises..

    I was actually almost finished with this when I started adding those line shading things to the face and changed the hair up complitely. I think I'll post the steps in my own blog again and then link them here.

  3. oh for ****s sake, please do not go and start endlessly fidgeting with it. just finish it and let us mere mortals woe our inadequacy in graphic arts, ok?

  4. Oh, oh, did I already say somewhere that the blodd running on her cheaks is pure poetry? It is!