Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Week 3: Alice in Wonderland

As it seems I won't have time to finish this any time soon, I'll just post the line art for the Alice in Wonderland piece. As you can see the idea is for this to be a new banner for my blog. Whenever I get around to finishing it.
Haven't yet quite decided which style to use with this one. Loved making the vectors so much that I kind of want to do this like that too. Then again I could make it really magical with Photoshop and shading like hell...Yeah, this might take a while :D
I'm also totally open for suggestions so if anyone has any strong feelings about the style then now is the time to open it :)

Anyways, here's my Alice and my personal favorite character of the books: the White Rabbit.


  1. Haha, an excellent combo there! I am also going for the White Rabbit and Alice constellation, though from quite a different angle ;D

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  3. Quite a different angle indeed :DD

    Seriously, is there no way to edit the comments here? Pfft. Hard for us typoists ;)

  4. That's ONE thing (among a couple of others) which makes Google+ better than, let us say, FB.