Sunday, 7 August 2011

Welcome to ComicPunks!

Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls welcome among ComicPunks.

We are pack of nerdy (and proud of it) comic creators from different genres and areas of comicdom. Some draw, some write, some color, some do it all.

But we all love comics.

We were inspired by several forums and example set by ComicTwart and various Drink & Draws.

Doing comics stuff is fun and we wanted a playground of our own, a place where to do homages to stuff we love and where to spin out our new concepts and frankly to have fun with comics no matter what the genre.
A place for like-minded souls and soulless beings.

So behold: ComicPunks was born out of this talk.
We plan to have fun, to misquote Sinatra: to do it OUR way.

Come along for the ride.

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