Sunday, 14 August 2011

We are the law!

There is a reason I normally write stuff but I draw every now and then.
So to keep with women with guns I present first a nice quiet little girl whom you can bring to meet mommy...not.
The thorn in flesh of the investigative arm of Europol meet Jacquiline Daniels or as most know her, Jack Daniels.

I quite like her.

But I had tremendous trouble on picking from my many favorites whom to do injustice with ink. there's the Cimmerian, Frank Castle, Ghost Rider and and...and I picked man who covers Anthrax, he is the Law, that gentle heartwarming person and star of 2000AD.

Joe Dredd. the man, the jaw, the Legend.


  1. "The man, the jaw, the Legend." LOL

  2. LOL from me, too. Pure genious!
    I also got curious about Ms Jack Daniels, doing some research later today.