Sunday, 21 August 2011


So, ”something old, something new and something borrowed”, was it? Hope you can spot which is which (^_^)
I was too tired to draw the essencial mink oil tin can (for the boots). The original work is bl/w, but I just had to play with CS5.

Colored version coming... soonish.


  1. Ooooh, I looove! I so need to try out your style of using heavy blacks some week.

  2. Thanks <3
    I myself fancy the cute bat-knuckles.

  3. They are VERY cute. I also love the boots! When I try to draw something as detailed it just looks like I clumsily traced a photo :D Yours on the other hand are perfect!

  4. Now I'm blushing. Actually, I used to mess up details until I understood it was ok to use help. So, I grabbed the husbands hiking boots, arranged them nicely and started drawing. Just gave them a little bit more slim and feminine touch.

  5. very nice. I quite like it, even though I at first glance mistook the PDR for fieldstripped FN P90.
    Not the artist's fault, but mine.
    Would love to see it colored