Friday, 12 August 2011

Quick and dirty...

Sunday is drawing near, but I am no nearer to have accomplished this week's task... :P
So here's a little extra something while I'm working on the main illustration. It was originally drawn for a magazine for old ladies. Just kidding.


  1. I love it! About time we get a picture posted! And I think posting extras is only a plus!

    I simply adore the color of her skin, such beautiful shades.

  2. Thanks! It's from my Blaxploitation-period ;D

  3. You've had a Blaxploitation-period? Why haven't I ever had one? I must correct the situation asap! ;D

  4. Well, it kind of started with that Shaft-theme, and before I knew what was going on... ;D
    ... and I let it happen, because an artist is supposed to have periods (obliviously not talking about about the crimson ones here), right?

  5. I can almost hear the Isaac Hayes tune.
    Blaxploitation rules, Shafts, Coffy, Foxy Brown, Across 110th street, Black Caesar, Cleopatra Jones and my favorite Gordon's War.

    first thing I thought when I saw this pic? you know those Hell's angels? Out there in in midwest running drugs and kidnapping women for they keep captive and sell as sexslaves?
    They kidnapped wrong sistah's sista.
    Neda Ebony and her toys are coming to town and there's hell to pay.

  6. So glad you got it right! This is one sista' I wouldn't take for a ride. But most people miss her twisted smile (while busy looking at her legs)...

  7. BTW; if you ever feel like writing a short story about her, please feel free. I promise to do the cover art ;D