Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm a zombie girl, in a zombie world

This weeks mission was ”Something old, something new, something borrowed”.

I right away thought of zombies. Wouldn't anyone? I mean they're kinda new and old at the same time, being both dead and alive(sort of) plus they borrow bodyparts from other people constantly. See, complitely logical.
Sadly I got the mother of all flu's and my ability to actually do something cool was pretty close to zero. So this week all you're getting is a very quick sketch.

The thing is that this design is not only a sketch for the mission, but also my future tattoo. (See how sneaky I was combining making these two!) And as the future is in fact in the very near future, friday the 26th, I need to finish this pic and fast. So I thought I'd not only post this sketch but also steps to the finished piece as I do them and pics of the tattoo when it's finished. Deal? Good, I'm glad you agree that that's very gracious of me ;D


  1. Can we also get a step by step on the tattoo? Pretty please? With my needle-fobia it'll be like watching a korean horrow movie, or even more scary <3

  2. Hah sure, I can grab my camera with and take photos on the most gruesomely bloody moments ;D