Friday, 26 August 2011

week 3: Alice

I got a kick out of this.But alas I will not rob room from the ladies glorious art.
Instead I opted to go writing.

Operation Jabberwocky pt 1

go on follow the White rabbit. It might bite.


  1. Love it!

    Now I really, really want to draw a mockturtle.

  2. Back from Finland, and down with some kind of super flu, I hadn't had a chance to read this earlier.
    I much prefer this Wonderland to the Burton one, it's BRILLIANT. I'll be drawing my contribution next week, sorry for missing the deadline! Also done sone ruff sketching for the Blaxploitation thing.

  3. I hope you'll get better soon!

    No worries about the deadline! My comp is not even attached to the wall at the moment (due to an unexpected renewing of our living-room) so I can't finish any of my pics either. Unless I do it by hand and not digitally, gasp, shock and horror ;D

  4. Thanks, grrl! And congrats for the new tv, does it have a name already, or are you still working on that?

  5. I think we just might name it "My Prrrecious" or then "Why the hell did we get this thing? No seriously, we've spent all wkend re-doing the decor just to fit in our living-room" ;D
    But I do love it. Watching bad horror from a gigantic HD tv is one of the most gratifying things ever :DD

    Hope your flu is getting better, we are both still coughing after two weeks. It's a nasty one this year. But I did get my comp back last night and started an Alice piece right away.

    Plus the zombie is coming, slowly but surely. I ended up taking a different tattoo as I was just not happy with the zombie design yet but I can post pics of that too soonish.

  6. Since finnish flues seem to be a lot more aggressive than swedish ones, I'm still pretty much down with it. Starting to feel like a zombie, although the urge to eat brains hasn't taken me yet (as a vegetarian there are a few more lines to cross).

    Congrats on having your comp back!

  7. I jhope it's not the same flu we had couple of weeks back. Dropped us both to bed for a week and we are both still coughing and not 100% OK. It's a really tough one to get rid off. Take it cool, rest and we'll try and come up with a way to post you vegetarian brains ;D

    Thank you, I was already getting pretty bad withdrawal. Still need to figure out few kinks with the new worklspace (wrong height, not enough room for the cats so they lounge on the keyboard, etc.)but the place is perfect. For the firat time I don't need to sit with the curtains closed for the whole day to see the screen <3

  8. Huzza for progress!

    Dying to get to work on Alice and Neda. God I hate this flu!!