Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kalevala Crooz challenge

Hello! New blog member here. Tehe, I said member.

I'm Rusalka, I draw for a living so my life is awesome. I don't write for a living, because I'm basically Deadpool, verbally and complexionally. These super awesome people let me participate in this blog for gods only know what reasons, I suspect they secretly have a thing for me. I don't draw sexy females, but most of the men I draw look like women and all of them dress like them, so you'll never know the difference, provided you immediately forget this post. Lately my men have started to look more masculine, and I know this is wrong and I will attempt to fix my evil ways the day when superheroes come off their 3500-calorie protein diet.

Tapio, god of the forest. Has a trophy wife and bazillion daughters. Described as a sort of elf, and by that I don't mean the christmas kind, he's actually a surprisingly Tolkienist figure. Fancy clothes and all. So of course I threw everything I could possibly think of on him. There's still room for more. But the kitchen sink is clearly already in there. Two things: 1) I need an a3 scanner, and b) I don't even know how I'm going to color this. Dudes, I don't color things. I just don't.

Update on 18.02.2013:
Crown and "earring" done. This challenge is going to take me A LOT longer than the original two weeks. Hell, this just took me a day, and the beard is crap. I started by just basically throwing down the colors and shadows where I figured I'd have some, and this will be style of the bottom layer, done in Corel Painter, before I throw the whole thing to Photoshop and bling it up to my best ability. I'm gonna redo the face completely, it's boring me to death, but that's for the final round.