Saturday, 16 February 2013

I am the LAW

This is so not what I planned to do for the challenge. AT ALL. But just as I had taken my pencil and paper out Ruska mentioned watching Dredd in Facebook. Which somehow lead to this. I do not know how. It just did. Apparently Dredd is all powerful enough to just manifest himself out of a pen. Which kinda makes this all Supernatural, right? See what I did there, see? Anyways this is so full of flaws that it is killing me as I hardly ever really sketch by hand. Thought I'd post it never the less. Because after this I kinda feel that I either need to draw more or just go screw you pencil and go fully digital. Dunno. Maybe I'll ask Dredd, he is the law after all.


  1. Do not doubt the pencil. Do not question the pencil. Never abandon the pencil. Trust the pencil. Use the pencil. Touch the pencil. Caress the pencil. Kiss the pencil. Now bend over that pencil and show that penc... I don't know what happened there

  2. Yes you do. You, you, pencilist!

    Climb the pencil. Why do you climb the pencil? Hug the pencil. Envelope the pencil.