Sunday, 10 February 2013

Aino, or not.

For you just tuning in, we started a conversation in a Fb group about a form of art that throws everything in it, including the kitchen sink. Examples can be seen here. After a bit we decided to give it a shot ourselves. Kalevala was picked as the subject of this little foray. So everyone's up to speed? Good.

The character I picked was Aino. The pretty girl who Väinämöinen had the hots for and who was given to him for marriage however she resisted. To make a long and tragic story short she died and turned into a salmon. As one does. And as I just watched the Prophecy I felt the need to make wings. So my Aino was supposed to sit on a rock half way through the transformation from a fish to an angel. Which she does except he turned into a he and theres tentacles. Which can sort of be explained though with the character called Iku-Turso in Kalevala. See it is Kalevala! Loosely interpreted but hey ;)

For this version I fixed the pose of Aino a bit.
Still have to add all the stuff to this as the point was to add stuff. So a LOT of scales and whatnot is still needed.

Here's the original sketch

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