Sunday, 10 February 2013

Another entry for the same freakin' challenge! Prolific under stress only, me.

Iku-Turso, son of Äijö.

I don't know who is Äijö.
I'm too lazy to google.

Anyway, as Sari already mentioned, Iku-Turso is a (possibly tentacled and scaly) seamonster. Which means I get to draw tentacles and scales. And by get I really mean get to, they're perfect for my budding OCD. What I don't get is why everything I draw sorta looks like a penis.


  1. AWSOME! Never has Iku-Turso looks so japanese (from me, this is always a complement)! How you've had the patience to draw the scales I do not know. But I'm glad you did :3

  2. Also, somehow he looks quite lecherous... :3

  3. I don't get the japanese but i totally see the pervy ole tentaclemonster thing... Wait that's japanese in the extreme XD