Tuesday, 15 May 2012


It's been real quiet here so I post some unrelated stuff as usual, just to update. This is Akai from Oxford Ghosts, Ms Mandu’s next big project once Oblivion High is finished. I happened to be reading Stendahl’s Le Rouge et le Noir when Joc introduced me to her ghost story idea, hence I call two of the characters Akai and Kuroi, but those names will propably not survive to the book…


  1. Ghost story?! Can-not-wait! And the picture is just lovely.

  2. It's in Oxford. With ghosts! And in the pipeline when Oblivion High is out of our hands sometime late year 2014 I guess...
    This is Johanna's darling, but I was easily persuaded ;D
    And she's promised me that after this one I get to draw some pretty heroes from Kalevala <3 !

  3. Not that I don'tlove Oblivion and want to read that to the end but could you please hurry up with Oxford Ghosts as now I really can't wait ;D
    And Kalevala <3 <3 <3!!!

  4. I'll do my VERY BEST for you <3