Saturday, 17 March 2012

Daenerys Targaryen

This has nothing to with anything but here's a little painting I did of Daenerys Targaryen today. She is one of my favorite characters from the Game of Thrones saga. I might actually be able to fit this in the tv mission? Or not but never the less I hope you guys like it.

Different color versions and steps to the finished pic can be found in my blog.


  1. Now, very unsurprisingly, I tend to be in the camp Stark (for quite obvious reasons) but I really feel you bring the dragoness alive in her ethereal beauty of sorts.
    Having had the pleasure of seeing the various stages of this: you go Sari!
    If they do comic adaptation of Game of Thrones I know who I'd propose as cover artist.

  2. Hah, yes you and your elder gods ;D And now you made me drool uncontrollably: A Game of Thrones comic. Now that would be something. After all the Winter is Coming.

    1. I have a confession to make; I saw the first episode and was bored RIGID (except during the intro). I mean, what is this? Women are merchandise, there is only one sex position (designed to make a man w a really small dick the most of it), and the story is a soap opera. I mean, it's Dallas with fantasy outfits. Please tell me it gets better.
      Someone? Please?

    2. It does. I wasn't sold after the first couple of episodes either but after tha it gets really, really good.